Creative Innovation
IoT 시스템반도체 융합 인력 육성 센터



    SoC and Embedded System Design

    Energy Efficient System Optimization
    ADC(Analog Digital Converter)
    - DSM
    - SAR

    DC-DC Converter

    Microwave Antenna Engineering
  • VLSI Circuit & System Lab
    Power ICs (LED driver IC, DC-DC converter, AC-DC converter)
    Analog circuits (ADC, DAC, LDO, BGR)
    Low voltage analog circuits
    Organic RFID chip
    Memory (SRAM, CAM)
    스마트 그리드 보안 칩
    Thz 테크놀로지
    전력 시스템 모니터링 기술
    웨어러블 디바이스 기술
  • Optomoon LAB
    Organic Solar Cell
    - Semitransparent / All-solution
    - All-solution-processed organic solar cell

    Transparent electrode
    - Conductive polymer
    - Conductivity enhancement
  • 집적시스템설계테스트실
    -Source Driver
    -Gate Driver
    -Graphic RAM
    -Power Generating Circuits

    순차회로 및 메모리 테스트

    비동기회로설계 및 테스트
    고속 데이터 변환기 설계(ADC)

    음성 센서를 위한 초정밀/초저전력 아날로그 회로 IP

    자율주행 차량용 반도체
    Deep learning algorithm with improved computational efficiency

    Versatile Neural Processing Unit (NPU)

    Deep learning SW stack to maximize NPU utilization rate
    - Display Driver IC
    - TFT circuits for flexible display
    - Display Driving Methods

    Power-Management IC
    - Automotive target high-voltage power converter
    - Analog/digital power converter for mobile/SoC devices

    Hardware Security
    - Generate static entropy for Chip ID
    - Defend chip intermediate data from attackers

    - Low-power, low-noise, high-speed sensor readout IC(ROIC)
  • The Nifty Chips LAB
    High-speed operation circuit design
    - Circuit design that exceeds the limit of operating speed of existing circuits

    Highly integrated circuit and system design
    - Circuit and system design capable of processing large amounts of data

    Circuit design automation
    - Increase productivity by automating the circuit design process
  • ESoC LAB
    Next-Gen Memory Design

    Deep Learning
    - Design Accelerator for Neural Networks
    - Bayesian Neural Networks and Predictive Uncertainty Estimation
    - Object Detection

    Error Correction Code

    Heterogeneous Computing
    데이터 변환기 설계
    - 저전력 고성능 Digital Class-D Amp 개발
    - VCO-based continuous time delta-sigma modulator 설계
    - Finite impulse response(FIR) DAC를 이용한 continuous time delta-sigma modulator 설계
    - stochastic ADC 설계

    차세대 메모리 고속 인터페이스 회로 설계
    - short reach 에서의 parallel single-ended high speed interface 회로 설계
    - data coding을 이용한 crosstalk 및 Simultaneous Switching Noise (SSN) 감소 기법 연구
    - high speed interface를 위한 baud-rate CDR 설계 및 연구

    고속 직렬 인터페이스 회로 설계
    - 전류모드 드라이버를 이용한 송신단 설계
    - 위상 회전 PLL을 이용한 클록 데이터 복원장치 설계
    - 높은 대역폭을 갖는 PLL
    - 고속 직렬 인터페이스를 위한 duty-cycle and multi-phase spacing error compensation 회로 설계

    전력관리용 집적회로 설계
    - Wearable device를 위한 무선 충전 회로 설계
    - mobile용 고효율 배터리 충전 회로 설계
    - 고속 응답속도를 갖는 DC-DC 변환 회로 설계
    - 시간영역에서 제어하는 고주파수 DC-DC 변환 회로 설계
    - Photovoltaic 소자를 이용한 energy harvesting
    High-speed Serial Interface
    - PLL(Phase Locked Loop)
    - CDR (Clock and Data Recovery)
    - Tx, Rx Equalizer
    - SSCG (Speading-Spectrum Clock Generation)
    - PHY Design

    Delay Management & Circuit
    - Two step, Delta-sigma TDC(Time-to-Digital Converter) Design
    - DLL (Delay Locked Loop) Circuit Design
    - All Digital PLL (Digital Clocking & RF Frequency Synthesis)

    Digital VLSI Design, FPGA Prototyping
    - Serial Inteface Link Layer Design (DisplayPort, MIPI)
    - Image Processing (3D Enhancing) System FPGA Prototyping
    - 8B/10 B Encoder/Decoder, Byte Alignment

    Artificial biological VLSI circuit
    - Power and Data Communication Circuit for Bio-implantable Device
    - Circuit Design for Bio-Application

    Power Electronics control circuit
    - DC-DC converter for LED Driver
    - LED Color Control Circuit
    Vehicular Communication
    V2X(Vehicle to Anything) Networks for Autonomous Driving

    Deep Learning for Object Recognition
    Vehicle Detection and Tracking with CNN based Deep Learning

    Neural Network Processor SoC
    Compact CNN Accelerator SoC Low Power Spiking Neural Network(SNN) SoC

    High Performance Sensor SoC
    High Scan Rate Large Touch Screen Controller SoC

    Fingerprint Sensor Chip
    High Speed Low Power CMOS Fingerprint Sensor Chip

    Low Power Circuits
    High Efficiency On-Chip Dynamic Voltage Scaler

    Wireless Sensor Networks
    Multi-Hop Wireless Sensor Network for Image Recognition Metering
    Digital VLSI and System-on-a-Chip (SoC) Design for Communications

    Cryptography Algorithm and Architecture for IoT

    Forward Error Correction (FEC) Architectures for 400Gb/s Optical Communications (e.g: LDPC, BCH, RS codes)

    LDPC Decoder Architecture for 60GHz mmWave WPAN systems

    Polar Decoder Architecture

    High-speed Low-complexity FFT/IFFT processor for MIMO-OFDM communications