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홍상훈 | 임베디드 메모리 설계
학력 Education
  • 1993~2001 하바드 대학 전기전자공학과 공학박사
  • 1989~1993 연세대학교 전자공학과 학사
약력/경력 Experience
  • 2006~현재 경희대학교 전자공학과 교수
  • 1998~2005 SK 하이닉스 책임연구원
관심분야 Research Interest
  • 임베디드 메모리 설계, 저전력 인터페이스 회로설계
논문 Journal Article
  • A low-power edge detection image sensor based on parallel digital pulse computation
    Lee, C.; Chao, W.;Lee, S.;Hone, J.;Molnar, A.;Hong S.H.;
    Circuits and Systems II:Express Briefs, IEEE Transactions on
    Volume 62, Issue 11, Nov. 2015, Page(s):1043-1047
  • Double-side CMOS-CNT biosensor array with padless structure for simple bare-die measurements in a medical environment
    Ahn, J.;Lim, J.;Kim, S.-H.;Yun, J.-Y.; Kim, C.;Hong, S.-H.;Lee M.-J.;Park Y.;
    Solid-State Circuits Conference, 2015 IEEE International
    session 16.6, Feb. 2015, page(s) 1-3
  • Dynamic ternary cam for hardware search engine
    Vinogradov, V.; Ha J.; Lee, C.; Molnar, A.; Hong S.H.;
    Electronics Letters
    Volume 50, Issue 4, Feb. 2014, Page(s):256-258
  • Integrated system of face recognition and sound localization for a smart door phone
    Kim, T.; Park, H.S.; Hong, S.H.; Chung Y.M.;
    Consumer Electronics, IEEE Transactions on
    Volume 59, Issue 3, Aug. 2013, Page(s): 598-603
  • Area-power efficient lighting unit architecture based on hardware sharing Rios, M.A.; Hong, S.H.;
    Electronics Letters
    Volume 48, Issue 12, Jun. 2012, Page(s): 681-682
  • A fully integrated HF-band passive RFID tag IC using 0.18um CMOS technology for low cost security applications
    Lee, J.-W.; Vo, D.H.T.; Huynh, Q.-H.; Hong, S.H.;
    Industrial Electronics, IEEE Transactions on
    Volume 58, Issue 6, Jun. 2011, Page(s) : 2531-2540
연구실이름 laboratory name
  • 집적회로 인터페이스